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In 2024, there are 3097 pet friendly assisted living facilities in Florida. Florida residents can take advantage of many assisted living facilities that allow pets, cats and dogs. If you live in Florida and own a pet that you would like to take with you to an assisted living facility in Florida that accepts pets, look through the complete list of all pet-friendly assisted living communities in Florida and find one near you.

Florida assisted living and senior living facilities that allow pets

With a wide selection of assisted living facilities and retirement communities, the state of Florida provides many pet friendly senior living options. Seniors with cats, dogs and other pets can find an ideal home where pets are not only accepted, but are welcome. Dog friendly retirement communities in Florida offer pet amenities such as fenced dog parks with off-leash areas where retirees can exercise dogs, conveniently located veterinary clinics and pet grooming services and other conveniences that have older pet owners in mind.

Senior living options in Florida include assisted living centers, senior apartment complexes, memory care facilities and more. Senior citizens looking for a senior living with friendly pet policies can count on finding a dog friendly and cat friendly senior living option nearby. Search for a pet friendly assisted living communities and senior apartments by city or zip code and don't forget to ask about pet related rules as these may differ from one senior care facility to another. Pet policies in assisted living communities can be different. For example, some senior living communities allow only one pet and there can be weight restrictions and breed restrictions on dogs. Other pet friendly senior care facilities may welcome seniors with more than one pet. Seniors consider pets their family and finding a senior living community with friendly pet policy and various pet amenities is important for overall quality of life.

Cost of Assisted Living Florida

Average cost of assisted living in Florida is $3,500 per month. Monthly cost varies from one assisted living center to another and can range from under $3,000 per month to over $5,000 per month. Memory care units in assisted living centers that offer care to dementia and Alzheimer's patients tend to be more expensive.

Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the nation for senior citizens. How are retirement communities and assisted living centers adjusting to a growing number of elderly people that also have pets? By making the senior living homes more pet friendly.

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Florida - General Amenities

Florida is known to have constructed some of the best assisted living communities in the country. Due to the high demand, there is more money in Florida senior homes and therefore you tend to find a number of great amenities.

Florida pet friendly assisted living homes have a habit of offering the best in amenities for a pet.

The grounds are usually very spread out and offer an opportunity year-round to take out a dog or cat and allow them to get some exercise. Huge dog parks or long walking trails are often designed into the architecture now of senior living communities in order to welcome more pets in the future.

Since pets are members of a family, staff has also taken additional steps to treat them with the same comfort and added luxury as the residents receive. While you are treated to meals and housekeeping each day, pets may also receive lavish spa treatment such as grooming and veterinary services.

Pet Friendly Amenities in Florida Assisted Living Facilities

It is important to introduce your pet to a new, comfortable setting just like you want as you plan to relocate to your next home. When you start to do a search of new communities, if having a pet and making it comfortable is important to you, then you can look for those features in new units.

When you go on a tour do you notice current residents walking around and enjoying the company of a dog, or other type of pet. Often you find these senior living communities happier than the ones that do not have pets, because of the special companionship that animals can offer to the elderly.

Fittingly, it is natural for senior living complexes to have some rules regarding pets, yet staff should still come across as welcoming and accommodating to pets of all varieties. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

Assisted Living with Pets in Florida - Different Types of Pet Policies

Florida assisted living homes that are pet friendly have various terms and conditions regarding the allowance of pets on their property. You can receive an entire copy of the pet policy by contacting the assisted living provider directly. 

Staff should also be available from the get-go to answer any questions or concerns you have about the pet related rules.

The general approach is that as long as you pick up waste after your pet, and don’t allow them to become a nuisance for other residents (i.e. loud barking) you should have no problem fitting in with the rules put in place for animals.

Most assisted living facilities want to support pet owners so they are willing to work with you as long as the animal remains well-mannered and respectful.

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What is the average cost of assisted living in Florida?

Cost of assisted living in Florida is different from one senior living facility to another. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Florida for the year 2020 was $3,500. Prices for senior living change every year and we'll be happy to provide you with the most updated information regarding senior living options you're considering.

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