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In 2024, there are 716 pet friendly assisted living facilities in Indiana. Indiana residents can take advantage of many assisted living facilities that allow pets, cats and dogs. If you live in Indiana and own a pet that you would like to take with you to an assisted living facility in Indiana that accepts pets, look through the complete list of all pet-friendly assisted living communities in Indiana and find one near you.

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Do assisted living communities and other senior living arrangements provide accommodations for pets like cats and dogs? It does depend on the facility, but many more are becoming open to having a small animal live with senior citizens.

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Indiana - General Amenities

Indiana features a variety of different living arrangements for seniors depending on personal need and ability. Assisted living centers have always been considered less intrusive when compared to nursing homes.

While assisted living facilities can provide monitoring, medication management, help with personal hygiene, assistance moving around, and even transport to appointments it is generally believed that residents are more independent compared to those in a nursing home facility.

Therefore, more assisted living centers are also granting the privilege of letting seniors stay with a cat or dog since they are able to care for them. 

Recent studies have shown breakthroughs in the therapeutic benefits that pets provide to the elderly. Thus, the opportunity to live with a small animal can provide companionship and an overall improved feeling of well-being.

Pet Friendly Amenities in Indiana Assisted Living Facilities

Indiana pet friendly amenities at assisted living communities are standard with what you would find in other states around the country.

As previously mentioned more studies are demonstrating a link between animals and therapy for those in need, like senior citizens. Pets bring a lot of joy and happiness to their owners, and having a community that supports that philosophy is important.

As a result, new as well as existing senior living facilities have adjusted their amenities to also support pets. Common amenities for pets at senior living residences including a community dog park, outdoor walking trail, pet sitting and walking services, and other luxuries like a grooming service.

When seniors start to tour the grounds of different complexes that they are considering it is a great idea to ask about pet services. What is the facility currently doing to support pets? Do you think your dog or cat would be able to function and feel comfortable in this type of living arrangement?

It helps to plan beforehand in order to not run into an unfortunate situation where a pet has trouble adjusting to having a lot of people around, or being not as able to go outside and play.

Assisted Living with Pets in Indiana - Different Types of Pet Policies

Indiana features a number of very good, high quality senior homes. Assisted living centers that have made the transition and now allow pets are adjusting to the times. While it may not be totally convenient to them, allowing pets in rooms is providing therapeutic value to the elderly.

The only thing that these types of facilities ask in return is that pet owners mind the rules. There are guidelines that are put in place for a reason. Most of them are very reasonable such as requesting that you pick up pet waste and that your dog does not exceedingly bark, especially in the late hours of the day.

Please check with the provider to get more details regarding their stance on pets and what they allow, and do not allow. While the above statements are general expectations, every senior living center has its own specific lists of rules and regulations in relation to pets.

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The state of Indiana offers an array of pet friendly senior living options to seniors with dogs, cats and other pets. Senior living facilities in Indiana include memory care centers, assisted living communities, nursing homes and senior apartment complexes. Pet friendly senior living facilities in Indiana accept retirees with dogs and cats. Pet policies differ from one senior living facility to another and it is important to have a clear understanding of pet rules before moving in to the senior living center. Pet amenities provided by pet friendly senior living centers may include dog runs, dog friendly walking trails and pet grooming services located nearby.

How to find a pet friendly senior living facility in Indiana? We have a list of pet friendly senior living options for each city in Indiana. The easiest way to find a senior living center nearby is to enter a city or zip code where you are searching for a senior living community. 

Cost of assisted living in Indiana varies from one senior facility to another and for the year 2018, average monthly assisted living cost in Indiana was $4,380. Prices of assisted living in the state of Indiana change yearly and we can provide you with the most updated information in regards to costs and amenities provided in senior living facilities in Indiana.

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