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In 2024, there are 516 pet friendly assisted living facilities in Kentucky. Kentucky residents can take advantage of many assisted living facilities that allow pets, cats and dogs. If you live in Kentucky and own a pet that you would like to take with you to an assisted living facility in Kentucky that accepts pets, look through the complete list of all pet-friendly assisted living communities in Kentucky and find one near you.

Kentucky Assisted Living

Senior pet owners in the state of Kentucky have plenty of pet-friendly senior living options to choose from, including assisted living facilities and pet friendly retirement communities. Pet friendly assisted living centers may allow cats or cats and small dogs to move in with their owners and every senior living community has its own pet policy.

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Kentucky - General Amenities

Kentucky pet friendly assisted living homes are abundant. The state has adjusted to making communities more accepting of pets since many senior citizens consider them an integral part of their family that help provide companionship.

Rooms should accommodate your favorite furry friend and not vice versa. In addition to helping your pet make a comfortable transition to an assisted living community, general amenities of these types of facilities are very beneficial to seniors.

It provides an exclusive community for like-minded adults of a similar age where you can make new friends and explore different social engagements. Whether at supper or an event function, assisted living complexes are a terrific place to develop friendships between other seniors, as well as pets.

General amenities that are provided at standard assisted living homes include daily or weekly housekeeping, assistance with laundry, assistance with private room chores or transport, medication management, daily meal servings and more.

Pet Friendly Amenities in Kentucky Assisted Living Facilities

Kentucky pet friendly assisted living communities are becoming more and more pet friendly. While it is nice to allow residents the opportunity to live with a cat or dog, that’s just not enough.

Pets have needs too, and in large assisted living complexes where multiple elderly seniors share living quarters together, pets need to have their opportunities for relaxation and entertainment too.

While your first inspection should be with the room itself (Will it accommodate my pet? How soundproof are the walls?) you should also ask the senior housing provider about other amenities they provide.

Believe it or not but some of the top pet friendly assisted living complexes in Kentucky are starting to evolve and offer in-house services like a pet spa that can include everything from pet grooming to therapy.

Even if the complex is not extremely lavish, most will still feature an outdoor and potentially indoor space for pets to play. Dog runs, for example, help dogs get exercised since every resident is not granted their own private backyard where they can lounge during the day.

Assisted Living with Pets in Kentucky - Different Types of Pet Policies

Assisted living facilities have their own rules and regulations for everything. It is not surprising that even pet friendly elderly care homes enforce a number of different rules.

From the perspective of the facility they must enforce rules in order to maintain a peaceful and civil environment. Noise ordinances must be set in place for dogs that bark uncontrollably. Furthermore, there has to be restrictions on places where pets are allowed within the complex. Pet waste is the responsibility of every owner to clean up.

Check with the assisted living provider to receive details about added charges related to having a pet on the property. It is very rare that you will find an assisted living complex that does not charge something extra for pet owners.

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516 Pet Friendly Assisted Living Facilities in Kentucky

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