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In 2024, there are 2000 pet friendly assisted living facilities in Oregon. Oregon residents can take advantage of many assisted living facilities that allow pets, cats and dogs. If you live in Oregon and own a pet that you would like to take with you to an assisted living facility in Oregon that accepts pets, look through the complete list of all pet-friendly assisted living communities in Oregon and find one near you.

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Are pets allowed in assisted living facilities in Oregon? Senior living facilities in Oregon recognize the positive impact that dogs and cats have on their elderly owners. Pets offer more than just companionship and emotional support. Studies have also linked pet ownership among the elderly to improving cardiovascular health and mood. Dogs and cats also contribute to lower blood pressure and heart rate readings. Seniors with pets are just more active compared to those without one. Many assisted living centers in Oregon are pet-friendly. For seniors who live in Oregon and wonder whether assisted living centers in the state allow pets, the answer is that now many assisted living centers are welcoming seniors with pets. Pet owners have to comply with pet policy of the senior living facility they are moving into. Pet policies are different for each assisted living community and may include important information in regards to what type of pets are allowed, whether there are any fees associated with keeping a pet and so on.

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Oregon - General Amenities

Oregon assisted living homes are becoming increasingly pet friendly. Providers are adjusting their policies to allow pet ownership considering all the physical and mental health advantages pet ownership has demonstrated of late.

For example, did you know that seniors with pets, particularly those with early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia generally do better with animals than without? Studies have demonstrated an exceptionally high rate of success with Sundowner’s Syndrome. It helps with the confusion, panic, and irritation associated with the disease.

Furthermore, non-verbal communication from animals helps soothe the symptoms of dementia and can even trigger old memories for senior citizens. Keeping the pet helps with the transition for seniors that relocate to an assisted living community.

At first this is a scary experience so having a familiar pet along for the journey helps ease the transition. The general amenities of the facility can also help ease the process. Seniors may find it an adjustment at first, but having access to meals prepared for them daily and assistance with household chores are great luxuries.

Staff can also monitor the health and well-being of its residents. It is possible to get help monitoring medications for loved ones. If the senior is unable to drive, getting transportation can help to go to and from appointments, which is a huge bonus.

Pet Friendly Amenities in Oregon Assisted Living Facilities

Animals help make the move to senior living an easier transition. How they provide unconditional love and security is unparalleled and difficult to match elsewhere. Since pets provide this kind of great support they should also get treated well.

Simply providing a private residence for a cat or dog to live in is not enough. The complex should have amenities dedicated exclusively to animals.

More facilities are starting to interject activities into their daily or weekly schedule that involve pets. It could simply be an exercise class or something else where animals get to be a part of the activity. Obedience classes and other dog training classes may get offered on occasion.

Additionally, the senior living facility may have advanced luxuries like a pet spa and grooming service. If you are away for the day staff may be able to doggy sit the animal for the day. Staff can also provide assistance walking an animal and taking them out to use the restroom.

Assisted Living with Pets in Oregon - Different Types of Pet Policies

Please check with the provider for more details regarding pets at the assisted living complex. There may be size or breed restrictions so it is important to know these details in advance. Furthermore, the facility may charge extra fees for having a pet live with the senior.

Having a pet is a significant responsibility. Seniors should be confident that they can take good care of the animal. Also, they should have confidence that the animal can also make the transition into living in a big complex with many other people, and animals around.

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