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In 2024, there are 1839 pet friendly assisted living facilities in Texas. Texas residents can take advantage of many assisted living facilities that allow pets, cats and dogs. If you live in Texas and own a pet that you would like to take with you to an assisted living facility in Texas that accepts pets, look through the complete list of all pet-friendly assisted living communities in Texas and find one near you.

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Pets are wholesome and pure. When humans may let us down an animal rarely has the same affect. The type of unconditional love is perfect for a senior living situation. Thankfully more assisted living homes are becoming pet friendly than ever before as many Baby Boomers start the next chapter in their life and are able to do so with a furry friend.

Pet Friendly Assisted Living in Texas - General Amenities

Texas assisted living homes that are pet friendly allow cats to live with residences. In more liberal facilities the rules may also extend to dogs, generally smaller breeds. In that aspect pet friendly assisted living complexes are a little different from your average facility.

For residents that do not own pets and wish to be secluded from potential barking and extra noise - these types of senior living facilities often separate residents based on pet owners and non pet owners.

It allows residents that seek more quiet to still get that opportunity while also connecting pet owners to nearby neighbors with similar interests. In an ideal world the seniors can become friends and also introduce their pets to each other.

In addition to allowing pets in private residences some pet friendly facilities may also support therapy animals for residents that do not care for their own cat or dog. Therapy animals visit senior living homes frequently to help brighten the day of various senior citizens.

Pet Friendly Amenities in Texas Assisted Living Facilities

Did you know that pet therapy is one of the leading ways that people with Sundowners Syndrome are receiving treatment for the condition? Pets have demonstrated an ability to help settle the agitation and confusion associated with Sundowners Syndrome and other forms of dementia.

Assisted living homes that support assistance for people dealing with early forms of dementia, or hopefully preventing it, have found that animals provide a lot of coping strategies. However, pets can only be effective when they are also well taken care of.

As a result, it is important to find a senior living facility that not only wants to take good care of you but also your cat or dog. For starters, you should tour the complex and make sure that the private residence is appropriate for your animal. Do they have enough space? Will they have trouble adjusting to having neighbors in close proximity? What about staff stopping by on a frequent basis?

Pet amenities should include basic accommodations like an outdoor park. The area can provide means for animals to use the restroom and get exercise. It may also provide social interaction for them where they can make friends with neighboring pets. A walking path is another nice feature.

Assisted Living with Pets in Texas - Different Types of Pet Policies

Most facilities charge a pet deposit for having a cat or dog on the premise. The deposit is sometimes non-refundable. It covers maintenance and cleaning costs associated with having a pet on the grounds.

You can learn more about associated fees with having a pet by contacting the management staff at the facility. The provider can give you its entire pet policy that outlines all the rules and stipulations for having an animal on the grounds.

It is important that you or a loved one understands this policy clearly in order to prevent confusion and potential confrontation later on down the road. The worst thing that can happen is have a pet removed after moving in.

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